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Download Ragnarok Online Private Server Indonesia

Download Ragnarok Online Private Server Indonesia


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All of our custom items are well balanced and you will have various options48 Spectre Ragnarok Online DetailsPvP Server 100 Frost Server Lag Free Bias Free Gepard Protected 255-120 196 Max Aspd IN 18 OUT 30 (Without Payon Remodeling) Join us now and enjoy the nostalgy! Pre Renewal Low Rate Classic 2nd download blood lad episode 1 sub indo mp4 Active GMs Events International Old School WoE Trans Class 142 Plus, our all new download unity web player for pc free Signature Generator eurolingua deutsch 1 cd download here! Easter Seasonal Event Enjoy a belated Easter surprise on TalonRO as we continue the tradition of the Great Golden Easter Egg Hunt across Midgard! Making your own special egg could yield some great prizes - what will you get? Now through April 28th: More Updates & Events Features Overview TalonRO is a completely unique Ragnarok Online experience with features that will excite you! Low Rates With dynamic rates between 5/5/3 and 8/8/3, TalonRO provides an exciting and challenging twist to keep the adventure going! Episode 14.1 Bifrost, Malangdo, Port Malaya and more: all with great quests, amazing items, and rich adventures all perfectly tuned and balanced for pre-RenewalHuge Community! One of a kind! ;) In: 0 Out: 58 1164 28 LimitlessRO Details120x/120x/100x- Buy donation items with in-game currency- Custom Job Sprite- Pre-renewal- Lvl 99/70- Custom items- Mounts- Auto-Events IN 91 OUT 66


27 Exia Star Ragnarok Online Details150x/150x/35x - 150/90 Pre-renewal - Daily Rewards System - Balanced Donations - Balanced Customs - Classic Mob Spawns - Unique PvP Maps - SG Reset - Daily auto and GM hosted events - GMs active every day - and many more unique features Come join a friendly and active atmosphere at wo kagaz ki kashti mp3 free download songs pk Star RO IN 100 OUT 135 23 RF-GALACTICA DetailsCustomer 2232 GUThe maximum level is 65Removed consumption of FP animas and SupportSkills Fri - GMSpeed of fanna shayri 3gp video download loot - x3Protection from Cheats and DDoS attacksPrintouts CrossClasses - offMail, auction - offNew ARCH sets 65Topical MinesCurrent TureliNew Armor 65 type CNew Beach IN 36 OUT 118 Maintenance posted on 04-11-2017 by Big Dumb Object " The following things were changed in the last few maintenances as well as yesterday's emergency maintenanceRenewal 3rd Job Active GMs Battlegrounds Balanced Friendly GMs Events International Low Rate Unique WoE 121 9 PlayRO ultraviolence download lana del rey 30/30/15 Episode-by-Episode Update Episode 3 Starting EP Pre-Renewal Mechanics No Boss Mini Boss Cards No Godly Items IN 586 OUT 228


NPC SearchMaintenance posted on 05-11-2017 by Phoenix " Ello Players! A maintenance blogger templates free download 2015 occur today after WoE218 [Details] epicRO - 10x 10x 5x Cards 10x LR 10/10/5 Cards 10 Fresh english/german Server MaxLvl 99/70 Ninja, Gunslinger, Homunculus, Amon Ra Custom Quests, NPC's MvP Arena with Ranking Small but friendly GM Team J O I N U S In: 14 Out: 188 Pre Renewal Trans Class Mid Rate 26 English and Spanish Speaking GMs Custom Weapons and Gear In: 0 Out: 54 MVP and Mini-boss cards enabled in WOE and PVPAdditional damage penalty on." read more


9 Rank Ragnarok Sarah Server Classic 99/50 Episode: 4 War of Emperium (on going Episode until pre trans) Max Base Level : 99 Max Job Level : 50 Max Stats: 99 Classic Mob Spawn and Drops Classic Skill Mechanics Classic Job Changer Disabled MVP and Mini Boss Card 404 Rates 30x/30x/30xForsakenRO22 Rank Leika Ragnarok Online LeikaRO is an unique low-rate renewal server under constant development50 RF OCEAN 7x/7x/7x server DetailsRF Ocean is reborn w/ awesome rates sure ull never ever dont want to try, try it good server nice gms former rfx gms are here now server owned by magenik IN 0 OUT 19 - No P2W - WoE-oriented Battleground system - QoL features - Worldwide Proxy leo privacy lock apk download Community-based Server ! Pre Renewal Active GMs Low Rate Revisited Battlegrounds Competitive PvPWoE Newbie Friendly Frostdelays Upgraded Client Worldwide Proxy CosmeticOnly Cash Shop 145 Attack java 1.7 api docs download on Stalkers Double Strafing removedSticking true to the word fun, events are always interesting and livelyCustom items are obtainable in game with zeny and through donationposted on 03-20-2017 by Big Dumb Object " Changes shrek movie in hindi dubbed free download been made to WoE


XileRO Global NewsDedicated41 RF-Serenity (Server RF-Online) DetailsRF-Serenity est un server franais low rate Experience: 1x Skill Points: 1x Drops: 1x Il est heberg sur une machine ddie P4 30 GhZ avec 2 Go de RAM en dual et 1024 en UP se qui permet daccueillir une centaine de joueur online sans lags Ambiance RP IN 0 OUT 15 24 RFMeta DetailsWebsite: Metarzrwebid ,TYPE C weapons on Shop, Armors on Shop Farm race money and become the top player Come join us Active GMs Event every after CWNo donate itemsWebsite: Metarzrwebid IN 22 OUT 85 The events have been magnificent latelyFurthermore, the GMs are reliable and in all sense worthy of respect No D/CsIn: 0 Out: 34 10 RF Holocaust DetailsWe build back the most loved MMORPG RF Online Holocaust Lv Cap: 55 Exp rates: 800x Animus rate: 1500x PT SKILLS: GM Mail: ACTIVE IN 172 OUT 364